Unlock Your Body’s Natural Healing Potential In Just 21 Days

Most of us are no strangers to health problems...
The typical response to injury, illness, and pain involves drugs, surgery, or other medical procedures. But the side-effects, both near term and long term, are both underestimated and widely unknown.
After the launch of my international best-selling book, The Power of Self Healing, I began working on an action-oriented program to implement the transformative changes I had written about.
And I’m excited to announce that it’s ready!
My 21-Day Self-Healing Mastery Program is designed from the ground up to jump-start your body’s self-healing ability.
By going through this program, you’ll be tapping into your natural healing ability, increasing your ability to heal from both internal and external stresses – leading to a better, more energetic, and more fulfilling life!

Each day in the program, you’ll receive a video training from me, a specific set of action items, and a meal plan to get your body and mind on track toward a self-healing state.
Once you start the 21-Day Self-Healing Mastery Program, you’ll get an email from me each morning. That’s when you should enter your membership area, where you’ll have access to a new daily lesson, which includes the following:
No matter how hard I try, no matter how much might I muster, I cannot exhaust the Spire of Unending Flame.
Well, yeah. It’s unending.


Frequently Asked Questions

Dr. Wayne W. Dyer
#1 N.Y. Times Bestselling author and inspirational speaker 
“After reading and digesting this “fab”ulous book, you will have your eyes opened to the healing capacity that you carry around with you every moment of your life. I urge you to take the 21-day natural healing challenge. I have done it and I have never felt better in my life. “The Power of Self-Healing” is destined to become a classic.”
Jack Canfield
America’s #1 Success Coach, Co-Founder of #1 New York times best seller series Chicken Soup for the Soul and author of The Success Principles
“Dr. Fab is a close friend and one of my greatest mentors in the field of health and human performance. One of the keys to live a successful life is having good health physically, mentally and spiritually. In this book you will find the secrets to a life of abundance. The Power of Self-Healing is a must read for everyone.”

What does a typical day look like?

Video Training:
Watch a video directly from me walking you through your activities for the day. These are short videos, but they serve as the foundation for how you should carry yourself throughout the day.
Lesson of the Day:
This is a short written lesson introducing you to an important Self-Healing principle, and walking you through an occasional exercise for you to complete during the day.
Daily Menu:
From the first day to the last, I’ve provided you with a full menu for the day, including Breakfast, Lunch, Snack, and Dinner. Maintaining nutrition throughout this 21-Day period and beyond is of utmost importance. Your weekly grocery shopping list will help ensure you’re prepared as well!
Core Supplement:
Even with a comprehensive whole-foods diet, some vitamins and minerals that are so healthy for us are still missing from our diets. This is where I’ll share the “best of the best” supplements I recommend, each which applies to the Self-Healing theme for the day.
Move To Mend:
Exercise is a fundamental component of your ability to Self-Heal. It can also be a bit daunting for those who aren’t as familiar, so each day will come with a simple exercise to help get you more active.






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The Power of Self-Healing:
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New Healing Program: For individuals looking for a health breakthrough...

Lose Weight, Reduce Pain, and Double Your Energy as you follow Dr. Fab Mancini through this 21 Day program focused on naturally healing your physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

So why isn’t there a better alternative? Typical natural health solutions are confusing or misleading. It’s difficult to know where to begin.
Here’s the single most important thing you need to keep in mind...
The strongest solution to achieving optimal health is to increase your ability to heal from external stresses.
Those stresses come in many forms, but if you can bounce back from them each and every time – and faster every time – you’ll end up having more energy, having more mental clarity, and yes, living longer.
So how can you heal better with all of those stresses in your life?
The Only Real Solution Lies Within Your Own Body
Your body is an amazing machine. It has a built-in capacity to heal itself – a remarkable system of self-repair that works day in and day out. And guess what… improving that self-repair system is within your control.
We can turn it up or down, which increases and decreases our ability to bounce back from those stresses, whether they’re physical, emotional, or even spiritual.
Naomi Judd
Country music icon, motivational speaker, former nurse
“Whether it’s watching a cut as it heals from the deepest part upwards to realizing that to heal our hearts and minds we must face and deal with deepest inner emotional hurts, Dr. Mancini is well worth learning from.”
JJ Virgin CNS
CHFS, Celebrity Nutrition & Fitness Expert and co-star TLC’s Freaky Eaters
“With his concepts of strengthening foods and anti-healing foods, Dr. Fab has made eating for optimal health easy to understand but more importantly, easy to immediately implement in The Power of Self-Healing. I am recommending this book to all of my clients as a must read, must do for 2012.”
Dr. John Gray
Author of Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus
“After 30 years of being a relationship therapist and bestselling author of the Mars Venus book series, one thing I’ve discovered is that having a great relationship with yourself and your body is the foundation to having healthy relationships with others. Dr. Fab shows us all how to do that right here in this book. Read it and be well…”
Dr. Joe Mercola
N.Y. Times best-selling author and founder of Mercola.com
“As the founder of the world’s most visited natural health website, I’ve researched many thousands of healing tools. My purpose for creating Mercola.com is to provide you with inexpensive and practical resources to take control of your health. Dr. Mancini’s book is one of the better tools that will help you achieve that goal. Well worth the investment of your time to review.”
Self-Healing Thought for the Day:
I always love ending daily rituals with a wonderful thought exercise. This will help launch you into your day with conviction!
Improving this healing ability can transform your life
For most, however, this is easier said than done. The first challenge is in finding out what stressors are inhibiting your healing ability! And even if you’ve done that, you then need to modify your lifestyle to start making improvements.
The worst part is that when you begin to look for natural solutions, you’re likely going to start seeing other “solutions” in the form of medication or quick-fix diets. If you haven’t experienced that path before, take it from me when I say these kinds of things just prolong problems and mask symptoms - that’s not improvement, it’s procrastination (at best)!
As you progress through the 21 days, you'll discover the Three Main Areas of Self-Healing
Week 1: Physical Health
Your body is your temple. It’s the vehicle through which you can affect and improve the world. Ensuring that it’s in an optimal state is the first step toward Self-Healing. We’ll begin by looking at your daily activities, diet, and other important elements of your physical world.
Week 2: Emotional Health
Emotions lie at the heart of how our brains work – they dictate our thoughts, which dictate our moods, which dictate our quality of life. Emotional imbalance can be the catalyst for mental illness and lack of focus, so we’ll be spending this module honing in on your ability to maintain mental clarity, balance your emotions, and increase focus.
Week 3: Spiritual Health
Internal and external stressors, a lack of purpose, and a limited mindset can find their ways into our lives if we’re not careful. This final module will teach you how to replace those feelings with positivity and abundance!
I can jump-start your Self-Healing in 21 days
“The greatest miracle on Earth is the human body. It contains in­finite wisdom and vast resources that can, given the right conditions, conquer illness, extend life, and perform miracles. I want you to experience this for yourself… purchase my 21 Days to Self-Heal, online video training program today!”
Lose Weight, Reduce Pain, and Double Your Energy…
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Instant Access | 21 Day Online Guided Program
Start The 21 Day Self-Healing Mastery Program!
Don't wait for another reason to start your path to self-healing.
egin the 21-Day Self-Healing Mastery Program Today!

Instant Access | 21 Day Online Guided Program
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